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Post  Damarcus on Sun Jun 21, 2009 12:07 pm

This is a brief overview of the races.

Mankind sent their first object into space in 1957, in the decades that followed, man reached the moon, but distant space travel remained an impossibility. Humans first set foot on Mars in 2053, where they discovered ancient alien technology. This technology allowed them to achieve the dream of inter-solar space travel. and in 2128, mankind first landed on an extrasolar planet.

Illythian culture is free of intentional crime and all Illythians devote themselves to the greater cause. They are run by a republic, but the military is run by the most brilliant tactitian. Their homeworld was united under a very charismatic leader, known as Corwan, he proposed they begin a planet wide republic and a new calender was started. Nicknamed "Cyans" by the humans due to the cyan coloured armor every Illythian wears in battle. They firt achieved space flight in the fourth year of the united planet (roughly 1568 in earth's calender) and 428 years later(432 U.P.), achieved intersolar travel. They met a race of beings which immeadiately attempted to destroy them. A sudden push for military technology began, this war, known as the Hythrian war, lasted from 438 to 676, when the Illythians destroyed the Hythrians.

The Shaddai
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