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Post  Damarcus on Thu Jun 18, 2009 11:08 am

This is a space role playing game revolving around three different races: the humans, the illyrians and the Shaddai. Each one must fight each other for territory, conquering planets, you could also explore and terraform new planets, if you don't feel like fighting.

The game is designed to be open, allowing players to play how they choose.

All your vital information will be posted in your signature, the weapons/items/armor you have as well as however many credits. feel free to customize your signature anyway though.

Credits are a universal currency, they are used to buy items and equipment at the Bazaar. Players can give one another credits if they want to. You earn credits by trading with other players, and by participating in combat.

Weapons are crucial for anyone wishing to fight! each race has it's own unique weapons (as well as other items) and you can only use an item or weapon designed for your race.
Better armor increases your HP and can reduce damage.
Items do lots of things, from raising accuracy and damage, to healing, to terraforming a planet instantly, items are incredibly useful.


each player must choose a class, the classes differ in the different races.

each class has unique ablilities in combat.

combat travels in 'rounds' each person participating in the battle must announce a descision ie, attack, retreat use a special ability etc.

The round is over once each person has announced their move. If after 1 hour, you have not announced your move, your race's leader or a commander will announce your move for you.

each player has a certain amount of 'hitpoints' when these run out, your player is teleported away from the battle and can no longer participate.
a race wins when they are the only race left in the battle

get organised and plan your attacks!

When a player wishes to battle, they must pm the leader of their race, who will set up a battle thread
the battle will start four hours after being declared. a player can join a battle at any time, (assuming they haven't already been defeated in that battle)
once a battle on a planet has ended, there will be no more battles on that planet for 24 hours.

When a new undiscovered planet is announced, a player can pm their race's leader to ask permission to explore it. The first person to explore a planet is allowed to name it.

If your race is the first to discover a planet, you can ask your leader for permission to terraform it. While terraforming a planet, you are unable to fight or explore, unless the planet you are terraforming is attacked.
You will be unable to do anything else for 24 hours, after that, the planet is terraformed, and belongs to your race.

While the Armies of these three races are warring, traders quite happily go between worlds selling wares. traders will usually trade to any world, regardless of race (although you can choose not to) and will spend a certain amount of time selling wares. If you wish to conduct a trade mission, Enter the trade thread of a planet, and announce what you are selling, and for what price. if someone wishes to buy an item, they must pm a leader and the person they are buying the item off. the leader will confirm the purchase. Traders can also make items, in order to do so, they will need credits and time, each item has a certain amount of credits worth of materials, and each item requires a certain amount of time to make. Pm a leader saying which item you wish to make, we will deduct the credits and you will be unable to conduct any missions (or battles) until the item is complete, once the item is complete, we will send it to you.

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