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Post  Damarcus on Thu Jun 18, 2009 10:58 am

i know no-one likes to read these, but in order to have anything work the way you want, you need rules.

the rules for this forum are as follows: vulgar language
simple really, if you are upset about something, feel free to let off a f**k or s**t but please, no actual swearing spamming
this includes double posting. if you are a repeat offender, we will delete all your posts, sorry, but sometimes it is the only option.
this also includes posting in the wrong part of the forum. please keep all non-relevant posts in the non-relevant area. flame wars
regardless of the circumstance, do not clog up the forums with your hatred of each other. of you have a problem with someone, tell us, don't ruin the forum

4. no pointless insults
this could go under the flame wars topic, but oh well, if you don't like something, or someone, give us a polite, nicely worded, pm. if you cannot do this, then your problem probably isn't important enough.

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